Turner Family Terrors 1-2: Horror-Comedy-Adventure

Created by Robert Krisch

A new comic starring monster-slaying, foul-mouthed, bumbling adventurers The Turner Family! Think The Simpsons meets Hellboy.

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Proofs are in! Locking orders in 2 weeks...
16 days ago – Sun, Sep 12, 2021 at 03:03:14 PM

Hey Friends!

Got some cool news - the first round of proofs are in!

Amazing to finally have these bad boys in my hands. But I did say the "first round of proofs" because... we are making this issue even better.  The interiors looked perfect but our covers needed some tweaking - we're gonna crush the blacks a little to make the visuals pop even more.  And to be fully transparent I did misspell one word in the book - "Vodyanoy".  I forgot a y, but I'm not beating myself up too much - that's a tricky one. But I caught it and fixed it.  New proofs are in the mail. I should get those this coming week. Ordering two sets of proofs might slow us down a week or two but I'm still anticipating getting these in your hands by October.

That's a lock!

Once I get the books I'll need to lock all orders through BackerKit. We still have 23 backers that need to fill out their BackerKit surveys and confirm their addresses. Check your inbox/spam folder for the BackerKit email or visit https://turner-family-terrors-1-2.backerkit.com/ to access your survey.

Fulfillment Timeline Update:

  • After the books are shipped we'll complete our final formatting of "TFT #2: Welcome to Roswell" Deluxe Digital Edition, and send that out the following week. 
  • Once physical/digital rewards are shipped I will be transitioning to the behind-the-scenes pdf and our second "making of" documentary short.  Much more on those to come.

Other cool news bits and bobs.

All 24 pages of interior artwork for the next issue of Turner Family Terrors #3 is complete, by the amazing Ske Bozic! And Easton Hawk is hard at work on the cover as I write this. I'm also 80% done with the script for issue #4, the final issue of this first story arc.  Fun times.

That's it for now...I'm off to my daughter's soccer game... first one in 20 months... can't wait.


More Digital Rewards are here! Please fill out your BackerKit surveys.
about 2 months ago – Sun, Aug 08, 2021 at 11:27:43 PM


More Digital Rewards are here!

Thanks so much for supporting Turner Family Terrors! Our first big wave of Digital Rewards was sent out last weekend via a direct Kickstarter email message.  Make sure to check your in box. 

I'm really excited about these.  They include a ton of Indie Bonus Comics, an exclusive Kickstarter link to my award winning horror short film The Crows of Culver, a kid-friendly coloring book pdf, and the TFT#1 pdf.  In September/October we will have our second wave of digital rewards once issue #2 is complete.

BackerKit, yay!

Our BackerKit surveys are out and after two weeks 82% of our supporters have completed them.  Thank you!  If you have not, please take a second to check your inbox and complete the BackerKit survey.  You can also click this link to find your survey.   https://turner-family-terrors-1-2.backerkit.com/

You don't have to create an account.  Just click through the few steps to confirm your order and you'll be done.  Then I will have all the info needed to create the 'Special Thanks' page and ship everything out. Woohoo. 

 And if you're looking for a project to back now, I've got two for you!

My buddy Alyson Shelton is back with "Reburn #2".  Included in the Indie Comics Bundle I sent you last weekend, was a preview copy of "Reburn #1".  Have a read, then head over to Alyson's campaign and support this awesome book brought to you by an all female creative team. Colorist Hilary Jenkins joined the group for issue #2 and from what I've seen so far, she is a total badass.  I grabbed her Variant and I can't wait to see her colors in this Issue #2.

And my fellow Comixlaunchers Oneshi Press are killing it with Pack #1-3.  Kickstarter gave them a 'Project We Love' Tag because they, well... love them! And I do to! So lets support their campaign, get that baby over the finish line, and help make their passion project come to life.

I hope your summer is rocking!  Stay safe out there. And fill out those surveys.



BackerKit Surveys have been sent. Starting with a Smoke Test.
2 months ago – Sat, Jul 17, 2021 at 10:43:17 AM

Awesome news! 

BackerKit has approved our project and the surveys are heading out this week.

This is my first time using BackerKit, so there was a slight learning curve setting everything up. But the surveys are out, starting with their Smoke Test.

A Smoke Test has been sent to a random 5% of backers across all pledge levels. Some of you will receive the email with a special link to your BackerKit survey, and the rest of you will get yours soon after. Remember to check your spam/junk folders if you don't see the email in your Inbox.

One quick note: You don’t need to create a BackerKit account to fill out your survey. When you receive the email with the survey, click the survey link to respond. Answer the questions about your reward preferences, provide shipping information, and purchase add-on items if you'd like.  We just created some new BackerKit exclusive 5x7 signed Mini Prints. If you see a Pin up Illustration you like you can add it to your order.

Make sure to respond to the surveys as soon as possible so I can tackle this fulfillment process and get the books in your hands ASAP.

Progress on Issue #2

I just received the final 2 Cameo illustrations and they look amazing. I now have all the interior artwork I need from illustrator Ske Bozic.  Once I format the book, sit down with my editor one last time to tweak, I can then lock this baby and send it to the printers - Woo Hoo.

Take care and keep an eye out for those surveys.


Your TFT #1 pdf is here. Plus my six-year-old daughter gave me a Mohawk!?!
3 months ago – Wed, Jul 07, 2021 at 11:43:03 AM

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BackerKit. Some rewards going out next month. Summer is here.
4 months ago – Fri, Jun 11, 2021 at 10:39:10 PM

Hey There.

It's a week later, and the dust has settled for our Turner Family Terrors 1-2 Kickstarter campaign. Just a fantastic month. We ended up with 6.7K in funding, 220% of our initial funding goal, with 149 amazing backers! - doubling our audience from issue #1. Just so you know, every dollar we raise goes right back into the comic, getting us closer to the dream of a 4 issue Volume One. And after this Kickstarter we can officially say 'we're over halfway there.' We also surpassed 7 stretch goals last month, unlocking a bunch of bonus goodies for everyone. Thanks again. Your support and enthusiasm made it all happen. 

I've got a quick update before we all start our much needed summer break.


I have decided to sign up for BackerKit. It is a Third-party service that will help streamline the fulfillment process. I was a little unsure I wanted to go this route, but so many of my fellow creators swear by them, so I'm diving in. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but once it is set up, hopefully shipping the rewards will be easier. Plus BackerKit will setup an online shop, so anyone can grab an extra copy of the book, or if someone missed the Kickstarter altogether, they'll be able to get in on the fun. I'll keep you posted on how all this plays out, but you should be seeing BackerKit surveys later this month.

Some rewards are going out next month.

Once the surveys are complete we'll have a bunch of digital rewards that will be ready to go. Plus if you ordered just the physical copy of issue #1, those will be shipped out as well.  So it looks like July will be a busy month around here, followed later by an even busier month of September when the mother load of Issue #2 will be printed and shipped.

Finally. Have a kick-ass summer. We all deserve one.

Rob and the TFT Team